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The Passions of the Enneagram

Virtual Workshop

May 23

10 am -12 pm

Sliding Scale Fee: $40/60/80

At the core of each personality is the Passion.

This Passion is the way in which our hearts suffer from our experience of disconnection from our deepest selves, and ultimately, from God.

This workshop will go deeper into exploring the Nine Passions as well as what it means to practice presence with this part of our experience. 


It is through learning to stay present with our Passion, and opening ourselves to the presence of grace holding this part of us, that leads to healing and change.

There is so much that is useful about the various aspects of the Enneagram theory, but this is the heart of the matter:

shifting from being driven by this interior suffering of the heart,

to being present to this part of us in compassion and love. 

In this workshop, you can expect:

  • Teaching on the broader theory of what the Passions are

  • Exploration of the suffering of the heart at each point of the Enneagram

  • Conversation around the practice of presence with the Passion

  • Guidance for home practice


*Depending on the number of types represented in the workshop, we may focus on only the Passions represented in the group to allow space for a reflective exercise. Whatever Passions could not be covered in the workshop would then be shared via recorded video teaching afterwards. 


**If you are not able to attend live, a recording of the session will also be available.

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