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What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction

Love is our deepest truth...

And yet, somehow, it is so incredibly hard to remember this, 

or to really know this

(you know, that deep, know it in my bones kind of knowing).


Our hearts become calloused through the course of life. 

We protect ourselves from grief, from pain, from vulnerability, by creating tough layers around the tender flesh of our inner being.

Poppies Vertical.jpeg

The spiritual journey invites us to begin to notice these thick protective layers,

and to listen for the living heart still beating within. 


As a spiritual director, I serve as a companion to this process.


I will accompany you as you become more intimate with how Love is arising within you, how the Spirit is softening your callouses, and drawing you deeper into your true belonging.


I would be honoured to support, guide, and learn alongside you.

Why try Spiritual Direction?


Listening for the Soul

Spiritual Direction sessions are an opportunity to have someone listen deeply for the longings of your soul. It is also a space to practice listening to your own deepest longings and building a relationship with your own inner self.


Discernment and Transition

As we all know, life is full of transitions - whether this be in work, relationships, gender/sexual identity, etc.
Many people seek out a spiritual director when they are in the midst of a transition.

Discernment is the practice of noticing what is leading us deeper into God, fuller life, and greater freedom as we navigate these life transitions.


Exploring Spiritual Practices

You may be looking to go deeper in your spiritual life through being more intentional about prayer, contemplation, and/or spiritual practices. Spiritual Direction is a great place to explore this with support and guidance.


Seeking a Vocation

In the Christian tradition, we talk about vocation as being called by God. Much greater than the invitation to a particular role, vocation attempts to articulate who God has created you to be. You may want to work with a spiritual director to listen in prayer for your own personal vocation. God's name just for you.


Engaging Shifting Beliefs

Like so much of our lives, our beliefs and practices change. Spiritual Direction can offer space to intentionally reflect on what images, ideas, and practices we want to hang on to, and where God/the Sacred may be inviting us into something new.


Longing for Love in Grief

At some point in life, we all find ourselves facing deep grief. For many of us, grief is becoming an every day companion as we face our ongoing climate emergency. Spiritual Direction may be a place to help ground the process of grief in the Presence of Love.

On a day when the wind is perfect,

The sail just needs to open

and the love starts.

Today is such

a day.”


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