Practicing Incarnation


My name is Tamara and I accompany people in their spiritual lives by offering Spiritual Direction and teaching the Enneagram. 


So often, we look for answers outside of ourselves. We look for God, for love, for meaning, everywhere but within. We are not practiced in listening for our own inner voice, for the presence of God within.


Join me as we practice this sacred listening together.

Join me in Practicing Incarnation:

Discovering the Sacred right where you are – as you are.

Tamara Shantz

What I offer....

In everything that I offer, from one-on-one conversation to workshops, groups, and retreats, my intention is to create spaces where every part of you feels welcome, as you are.


Spiritual Direction

Looking for a trustworthy space to explore your deepest longings and experience of the Sacred?


A spiritual companion may be the support you need.


Enneagram Services

Wanting to go deeper with self awareness through the Enneagram?


Check out my virtual class and workshop offerings or contact me for individual coaching.

Open Hands

Groups and Retreats

Longing for companions as you Practice Incarnation?


Join one of my groups, retreats, or if you don’t see what you need….

I would love to hear from you!

Current Offerings

Due to some ongoing health constraints, I am not able to offer any Enneagram workshops or groups at this time. If you are interested in hearing about future offerings, please sign up for my email newsletter here.

Past but shall return!

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