Enneagram Coaching: 4 Session Package


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Support your inner work process through the Enneagram with guided conversations and personalized practices.


Please see below for a fuller description of what coaching sessions could include. If you would like to have a free initial conversation with Tamara before committing, please contact her by email at tamarashantz(at)gmail.com to schedule.



Individual Coaching sessions will focus on engaging with the practice of self-inquiry through the lens of the Enneagram.

You may bring particular life experiences to our sessions to reflect upon, in addition, sessions could include some instruction and conversation around these aspects of Enneagram theory and how they apply in your life:

  1. Basic Enneagram Type – becoming more familiar with the basics of the personality and practicing noticing core patterns of behaviour/thought/feeling in daily life
  2. Stress and Growth – exploring how a particular personality type responds to stress and learning about developing more productive responses beyond basic coping patterns. Likewise, looking at the development of virtue and what healthy growth looks like for this personality type.
  3. Instinctual Variants – moving deeper into the Enneagram theory and exploring the three instinctual variants and how this nuances how the basic personality type is expressed in the world. This material has a lot of potential for transformative practices that are simple, practical, and can significantly shift stuck patterns.
  4. Spiritual Practices – playing with how understanding the spiritual journey of a particular personality type might influence spiritual practices.

Together, we will experiment with practices to support your learning and growth between sessions.