Practicing Incarnation:

Advent Embodied Prayer Group

Sunday Evenings, Nov.22 - Dec.20, 2020

Practicing Incarnation:

Advent Embodied Prayer Group

Sunday Evenings: Nov.22 - Dec.20

Advent is the season of incarnation.

When we name our longing for God to be tangibly known in our lives and the world. When we remember the promise of Jesus’ birth: God is with us. 


Join me in allowing your body to guide you through the Advent season this year. 


How is God present in your body? 

What invitation might you hear as you practice including your physical being into your spiritual life?

The idea of embodied prayer is to create those moments where God can enter and speak, to create doorways so we can say, “I am here. Find me.”

– Kalyn Falk

Sundays, Nov.22 – Dec.20

Option One:

6:30-7:30 pm
In Person – Outdoors – 5 person limit
(Midtown Kitchener)


Option Two:

8 – 9 pm
Wherever you are



Using Kalyn Falk’s six postures of prayer (found in “I am Here: Six Postures of Prayer”), we will meet weekly in a small, closed group exploring embodied prayer. 


All bodies are welcome and the postures can be adapted to individual approaches and needs.

A typical gathering will include:

  • Light, opening exercises to engage with our bodies
  • Praying with the six postures which focus on themes of: Expansion/Contraction, Reach/Receive, Stand Firm/Go with the Flow (some weeks we will pray all six postures, while other weeks we will focus on particular pairings)
  • Individual Contemplation Time
  • Circle Sharing
  • Closing Blessing

Registration is set at $60, 

however, I want this space to be accessible to anyone who is interested.

Contact me to register at a pay what you can rate

or if you would like to contribute more to support other participants.

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