The Enneagram in Conflict

Virtual Workshop

What is your olive branch?


When we sense conflict brewing, we all have ways that we try to keep the peace; ways we try to diffuse moments of disagreement.


We all have an olive branch we try to offer.


This workshop will explore how different Enneagram types tend to respond to conflict.

There are three clusters of Enneagram types who align in their strategies for peace: Positivity types (9,7,2); Emotional Realness types (6,8,4); Logical types (3,5,1). Each response is needed for healthy conflict but we tend to favour one approach over the others.


Through this workshop you’ll….

  • identify the strengths and limitations of your personality’s conflict strategies
  • learn about patterns of conflict between different types
  • consider points of growth for becoming more present in interpersonal conflict


March 27, 2021

1 – 3 pm EST



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