The Instinctual Variants
of the Enneagram

Virtual Workshop

Instinctual Variants

As humans, we are driven by powerful instincts. Our biological systems are wired for survival, exploration, and connection.


However, our relationship to these three basic instinctual drives (Self-Preservation, Sexual, Social) can become distorted and imbalanced – leading our personality to form in particular ways based on these imbalances. 


In this workshop, we will explore how these instincts shape our lives and draw us away from fuller presence.

The Instinctual Variants bring a whole new layer of insight through the Enneagram.


If you have ever wondered how can these two Fives or Threes be so different from one another? The instincts can help us answer this question.


You will come away from this workshop with a simple tool for greater self-understanding and powerful help in navigating interpersonal relationships.


January 30, 2021

1 – 3 pm EST

on Zoom


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