Unmasking White Supremacy Within

Monday Evenings: Sept.21, Oct.19, Nov.16, Dec.14

Unmasking White Supremacy Within

Anti-Racism Inner Work Group

Being white has meant being largely untouched by the existence of systemic racism and generally ignorant of its violence.

As white people, our race, and its privileges, is often invisible to us – whiteness is simply the norm.

White supremacy suggests that this is as it should be. 


Dominant culture in Canada and the United States has been formed on the foundation of white supremacy. As a result, we are all trained in its distortions and oppressive thought patterns. 


It is long past time for white people to do the hard work of becoming acquainted with how white supremacy is alive within us – and to begin dismantling it. 


This group will seek to create a space for a small group (8 people) of white people to engage with the process of unmasking white supremacy within; grounded in contemplative listening and spiritual practice.

Monday Evenings:

Sept.21, Oct.19, Nov.16, 


7-9 pm EST


A typical gathering will include:

  • Opening Contemplative Practice
  • Welcome and Material for Reflection
  • Individual Contemplation Time
  • Circle Sharing
  • Setting Intention for Action
  • Closing Blessing

Group participants will asked to contribute funds towards paying a person of colour to serve as an accountability partner for the group. Suggested donation of $25-50.

About the Facilitators:

This group will be facilitated by spiritual directors, Samantha Lioi and Tamara Shantz.

We are by no means experts on this topic; this group is intended to be a gathering of peers.

We desire to go deeper in our antiracism work and integrate this work with our spiritual lives.

We long to move from discussing and analyzing ideas to a contemplative listening and engagement that we believe has the power to change us.

And we’d love more companions to join us on the way.

Samantha Lioi

Samantha is a writer and spiritual director living in Buffalo, NY.

She’s been exploring ways to live in the intersections of contemplative spirituality, compassionate listening, and work for justice and liberation for about a decade.

Samantha loves nature and music and gathers weekly with a community of friends to sing from the Mennonite Hymnal and share prayer, food, and life together.

Tamara Shantz

Tamara is a spiritual director and Enneagram facilitator

living in Kitchener, ON.

She believes that social and ecological justice lies at the heart of the spiritual life; and authentic inner journey draws us deeper into community and work of liberation for all.

Tamara loves to knit, spend time with her cats, and sometimes has a tendency to watch too much fluffy television.

We are looking for people to join us in this conversation who are:

  • Committed to deepening our awareness of racism within ourselves
  • Willing to speak truthfully and vulnerably
  • Interested in taking concrete actions between meetings
  • Prepared to do some reading and preparation between conversations